Asana – Teamwork Assistant

Asana – Teamwork Assistant

Do you work in a team and need a task organization program? We have found the right solution for you. Asana a free internet project management program.

What is Asana?

Asana is a tool for managing tasks among a group of people. More specifically, Asana keeps records of which team members are responsible for which task and monitors all steps, deadlines, and details related to the tasks. Some examples of jobs are marketing campaigns, product presentations, or fundraising.

Asana menu

Program usage and user experience

Asana is available through the website on PC and as an Android and iOS app. There is no desktop version. In the free version, the program comes with one limitation: the number of tasks, with a maximum of 1000 tasks per team. However, this is not a significant limitation if we consider that this number is quite sufficient for teams of at least 50 people.

The user interface of the program is clear, intuitive, and easy to used. The design is full of colors and details. There are few surprises as well, such as celebratory animations, that appear on the screen after ticking the work done checkbox, although you can quickly turn these off.

When you create an Asana account, you can join different workspaces and organizations. An organization is an account that connects everyone to the same email domain. A workspace is a group of people working on a joint project. Within the workspace, you and your team members create projects, follow assignments, and talk to colleagues.

Asana tasks

In profile settings, you can configure integrations with other applications such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Figma, and others. The main window has the following tabs: overview, task list, kanban view, calendar, messages, and files. You can customize the view at any time or filter and sort task lists according to different criteria. Clicking on the task opens a secondary window with all the details.

Delegation and monitoring of tasks

At the heart of every project are tasks. Each task can have subtasks, as well as recipients, due dates, attachments, comments, tags, and followers. Followers receive corrections every time a task change occurs. Comments are especially useful because they support text formatting and editing. Links can also be placed in the comments. In addition, with certain permissions, you can view all the tasks assigned to a particular person to see how much work is left.


Asana’s flawless design and flexibility make it a powerful task management application for many types of teamwork, as well as for personal task management. A large number of functions and a carefully designed user interface make it one of the leading organizational programs.

Android, iOS and website

In the download link we offered Asana for Android but if you want to download the version for iOS please click HERE.

To access Asana website click HERE.



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