How to Change the Language of Android Devices

 How to Change the Language of Android Devices

Whether you bought a new mobile phone running Android in a language, you don’t speak, or accidentally changed the language when setting up the phone, the good news is that changing the language on Android is very easy.

Watch our video where we show you how to change the language of your Android device. Depending on the Android device you have, this process may be slightly different, but it will be similar to the one we will show you.

Video transcript:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on System & updates
  3. Tap on Language & input
  4. Tap on Language and region
  5. Tap on ADD LANGUAGE
  6. In the search box, type the language that you to want use
  7. Tap on the language name
  8. Tap on CHANGE


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