CLEANit – Garbage That Cleans Garbage

CLEANit – Garbage That Cleans Garbage

When choosing the Android app you want to use, in any category, the number of downloads and user ratings is generally a good indication of whether the app is good or bad. However, as we will see with the application that we will present to you, this is not always true and you should not blindly believe this information.

With over 10 million downloads and a 4.8-star rating, the free Android app CLEANit is one of the most popular apps for cleaning junk files and optimizing devices on the Google Play Store.

How Does CLEANit Work?

CLEANit is a simple application that does not require any prior knowledge from the user. When you start it, you will see a beautiful and modern user interface, and the basic information about your mobile phone will be displayed on the home screen. Among them is info on the amount of occupied space in memory, battery status, type of files, how much space these files take up, and more.

CLEANit menu

As we said, CLEANit is used to clean junk files and optimize devices, and you do this by pressing the CLEANit button. After this, the whole process is automated. When you start cleaning and optimizing, all temporary files will be deleted, and RAM and cache memory will be cleared. Also, all background applications will be shut down. This way your phone will run faster and consume less battery. At least that’s what the creators of the application claim.

Why Is CLEANit Bad and Potentially Dangerous App

The first complaint we have is that CLEANit is asking permission to access your contacts and make calls. This is absolutely not necessary for the application to work properly. While we were messing around trying to run the app without this permission, we were shown ads twice. They could at least wait until we properly entered the application until showing us ads.

CLEANit files

However, these are not our main complaints, they are focused on how the application works. Namely, cleaning and optimization aim to free up space and speed up the mobile phone, but this is not the case here, quite the opposite. Cleaning up temporary files is fine. This will free up space on your device. Optimization, on the other hand, will not only not speed up the phone, but will it will slow it down.

The cache stores data that applications use to run faster. This memory should only be deleted if this data is corrupt. The way CLEANit deletes it only slows down the phone because after each “optimization” these files have to be rebuilt.

It is similar with cleaning RAM. RAM memory is used to store data that applications actively use. Erasing RAM does not speed up the phone, it only consumes extra battery when this data is reloaded.

Shutting down background apps can help save battery when it comes to apps like Facebook or Instagram that track your activity in the background. However, most applications, when not active, do nothing, and applications that always run in the background, such as music listening applications or antivirus, should run in the background and should not be shut down.

CLEANit Is an App That You Should Not Be Using

CLEANit is an application you should never use. It looks nice and is easy to use, but the function it performs does not help, but actively harms your phone. Advertisements and asking for unnecessary permissions are just the icing on the cake.




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