Compose AI – Artificial Intelligence That Writes Emails, Invitations and Thank You Notes

Compose AI – Artificial Intelligence That Writes Emails, Invitations and Thank You Notes

Writing boring emails, invitations, requests and thank you notes with repetitive content quickly becomes tiresome. It would be much better if we had artificial intelligence to do this for us. A sentence like this would have sounded like the beginning of a sci-fi novel just a few years ago, but today this is a reality, and we will present you an AI that will help you with exactly this.

Compose AI is a free plugin for Google Chrome that will use artificial intelligence to write short form texts for you that are perfect for emails, invitations or comments.

How Does Compose AI Work?

When you install Compose AI, its icon will appear in the upper right corner of the Internet browser, in the area reserved for plugin icons. Clicking on this icon will open a menu with options for setting up the plugin. To use it, you do not need to create an account or log in, but this option exists, although it does not bring any additional features.

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Compose AI is built for use within Gmail, and support for other websites is in the works and is currently in the experimental phase. It is used by when you start writing an email, type // (two slashes) anywhere and the plugin menu will appear. Here you need to input what the AI should write, as well as give it guidelines about how something should sound, the tone of the text, the length, and so on. You do this, of course, in plain human language, which makes it more than simple to use.

Since Compose AI was created with the idea of writing shorter texts, that’s where it proved to be the best, although it can also write longer works without any problems. In addition to this, you can also ask it to rewrite the already written text or to write it in a certain way. The quality of the written text is excellent, and you will have the option to choose one of several versions of the text, although all versions are similar to each other.

The biggest problem with Compose AI is that it only offers 1000 written words per day in the free version. If you want to remove this restriction, you will have to purchase the premium version of the plugin. We feel that this limitation is too severe and will not be sufficient for most people for any serious use.

Compose AI Works Great, but It’s Not Really Free

Unfortunately, with only 1000 words per day, Compose AI is another program that we have to say is not really free and the free version is only there as a trial, not something that you can really need to use. If what it does is something that sounds interesting to you, we suggest you try it out, but keep in mind that if you like it, you’ll have to pay.

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