DBeaver – A Universal Database Management Tool

DBeaver – A Universal Database Management Tool

DBeaver is a free and open-source database management program. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. This is the DBeaver Community edition. There is also a DBeaver PRO version with more functionality, but it is not free.

DBeaver and Databases

The DBeaver Community edition is fully sufficient for working with almost all existing databases. It supports more than 80 databases, and we will mention the most well-known ones in our opinion. We start with relational databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Firebird, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc.). Then we move on to NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Couchbase, etc.), followed by Cloud databases (Microsoft Azure SQL, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, etc.), file-based databases (CSV, Excel, JSON, XML, etc.), and finally analytical databases (Snowflake, Apache Spark, etc.).

DBeaver offers a self-explanatory work environment. The main screen of the application consists of three main panels: on the left is the Navigator panel for browsing the structure of databases, in the center is the SQL editor for writing and running queries, and on the right is the panel that displays query results and provides other information. The menu bar can be customized to the user’s needs. The program requires Java version 17 or higher to function.

DBeaver - ER Diagram

DBeaver has a huge number of features. In this post, we will mention only the ones we consider the most important. The only requirement for connecting to databases is the use of JDBC or ODBC drivers. Dbeaver is used for viewing and editing tables, views, triggers, procedures, and other objects in databases. Using the SQL editor, which highlights syntax, queries can be created and their results analyzed. The program offers a graphical view of the database structure and the data entered into it through tables, charts, and diagrams. Data can be imported and exported from one database to another. Backup of entire databases is supported. DBeaver has features for database administration, such as managing privileges, users, and data security.

The Importance of DBeaver

The importance and popularity of databases is not diminishing. They are all around us. Behind every program is a database. Even advanced language models, colloquially called artificial intelligence, are based on massive databases. That’s why the importance of programs like DBeaver is great.

DBeaver is designed as a universal tool that facilitates database management. With it, complex operations can be performed in a relatively simple way. Dbeaver can work with the mentioned type of file-based databases even without JDBC and ODBC drivers. DBeaver is an open-source program, so writing plugins that expand its functionality is facilitated. It should not be forgotten that such a high-quality and comprehensive program is free, works on all three major desktop platforms, and supports work with non-relational databases as well.

As a rule, databases are handled by professionals. These can be system administrators, researchers, or programmers. This post is not intended for them, but for average users who, for one of the many reasons, need to access a database. The well-designed user environment of this program allows even beginners to access one of the databases, see how the information is organized, and possibly make some changes. Our goal is to encourage them in this intention, even if that database is a phone directory.

Windows, macOS and Linux



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