Airtable – The Fusion of Excel, Database, and Project Management

Airtable – The Fusion of Excel, Database, and Project Management

Airtable is a free application for organizing and managing data. It is available for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and as a web service.

Features of the Airtable Application

Airtable combines the best features of spreadsheets, databases, and project management tools to allow users to organize and manage information in the most efficient and effective way. Data is entered and edited in tables similar to Excel. These tables can then be linked together like in relational databases, but in a simpler way, creating powerful tools for managing various types of information.

Each new project is called a “Base” and represents an independent database. This database can have multiple tables into which different kinds of information are entered. Each row in a table is called a “Record.” Records can consist of various types of data, such as numbers, text, dates, checkboxes, images, files, etc. Columns in the table are called “Fields.” To accurately represent complex relationships between different pieces of information, tables can be linked. This function is called “Linked Records.” (An example of this would be linking a table with salespeople data to a table with information about sold products.)

Airtable can display data in various ways, each called “Views.” The basic view is the table view. Another frequently used view is Kanban. Kanban is a visual tool, originating from Japan, that helps manage workflows, projects, and tasks. Data is displayed as cards on a board, which is divided into columns, each representing a part of the process. This method is particularly useful for team collaboration. The third view is “Form,” used for data entry. The gallery view is used for images. There is also a calendar view (by dates). To make the data more organized and tailored to user needs, it can be filtered, sorted, and grouped. With various views, the same information can be seen in different ways.

This is a very flexible application. You can start with a blank table or choose from about twenty templates prepared for different purposes. Data can be entered manually, imported from other applications, or added through a specially created data entry form. Airtable supports automation: it can perform certain actions automatically when defined conditions are met. Formulas can be entered into tables, just like in Excel. Multiple users can work on the same database simultaneously. They can add comments and track changes. Airtable can be integrated with numerous applications such as Slack, Asana, Zoom, or Google Drive.

Airtable - Base Structure

Is Airtable a Suitable Replacement for Excel and Databases?

Airtable has several versions that are not free and offer greater capabilities tailored for specific situations. The free version can be quite sufficient for individuals and small teams to accomplish their intended tasks. The application is available for multiple operating systems. Since it also functions as a web service, it can be used by users of various Linux distributions. The mobile versions are convenient as they allow you to access and update data on the go when a desktop computer is not available.

Airtable is a versatile application that can replace several others. It is simple to use. Due to its similarities, the transition from Excel to Airtable is easy. On the other hand, it possesses powerful features. You do not need to be a database expert to create a Base using Airtable. The use of this application can increase organization and, consequently, productivity for companies and organizations that do not have experts in relational databases. In addition to everything already mentioned, Airtable also offers an API (Application Programming Interface), which means that developers can create custom integrations for almost any application or service.

Airtable can be used for a very wide range of purposes because databases are all around us. Here are just a few possibilities: project management, client tracking and sales process management, inventory listing, team organization, and collaboration on scientific research. Many examples and useful tips on how the application works can be found on the blog. Airtable is a very high-quality application because it provides a well-thought-out synthesis of existing spreadsheet, database, and project management applications. To this, one must add the usable templates, good support for collaboration, and the fact that the application exists as a web service. We believe that all the previously written points are sufficient reasons for you to start using Airtable in your work.

Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and web service



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