DoForMe – Mobile Phone Automation

DoForMe – Mobile Phone Automation

How often do you find that when you leave the house, you turn up the brightness of your phone’s screen, only to turn it back down as soon as you return, or mute it when you get to work, then unmute it when you’re done? It would be nice if you could automate these actions.

DoForMe is a free application for Android that will allow you to automate certain functions of your mobile phone.

How Does DoForMe Work?

DoForMe is used for mobile phone automation. When you install it, the first thing you need to do is give it access to the location, the ability to change the way the phone works, and some other permissions, and there are instructions for all of this within the application itself.

DoForMe menu

When you launch DoForMe, you’ll see a Google map. The first step is to create so-called markers on this map. You create a marker by holding a tap on the map where you want to place the marker. You need to give each marker a name, as well as set the range, that is, the diameter ranging from 0 to 500 meters that the marker will cover, and then what will happen when you enter or leave the zone of a certain marker.

If we take the example from the introduction, you can place a marker that will cover your house or apartment, and then set the screen brightness to automatically increase when you leave the house, that is, the marker zone, and decrease when you return home. You can also set a marker to cover your work and set the sound to turn off when you arrive at work and turn on when you leave.

In addition to the ability to automate the change of screen brightness and turning on, that is, turning off the sound, it is possible to automate a lot more. It is possible to turn on the automatic launch of applications, call a certain number, send SMS messages, activate an alarm, flash, launch a certain website, and much more. How useful DoForMe will be depends on your needs, but also on your creativity.

DoForMe settings

DoForMe Will Allow You to Automate Your Phone

To be honest, when we first heard about mobile phone automation, we weren’t sure how it would work, or why we would even want such a thing. We can safely say that we have completely changed that opinion. DoForMe is a great app and we can imagine a huge number of cases where this kind of automation would be useful. During use, we did not encounter any problems or bugs, so DoForMe gets our recommendation.




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