Measury – Convert Measurement Units in Cooking Recipes

Measury – Convert Measurement Units in Cooking Recipes

A problem that cooks often face, especially those who are amateurs in this field, is getting to grips with measuring units when reading a recipe. How much is half a cup of sugar? Which cup is it referring to and where is its half? The application that we will present to you today will help you to never encounter such problems again.

Measury is a free app for Android and iOS that will allow you to quickly and easily convert units of measurement in cooking recipes.

How Does Measury Work?

Once you install Measury, you’ll see a simple and streamlined user interface. The first thing the app will show you is a short tutorial, in just five steps, on how to use it. There are really only two steps here, one of which is to wait, so this is one of the easiest-to-use apps we’ve come across yet.

Measury is used by taking a picture of the recipe you want to cook with the phone’s camera, and it is also possible to use a picture you already have on your phone. This is the first step. The second step is to wait for the app to recognize the ingredients in the image, convert the measurement units, and show you the result. All “measurement units” are supported, from a teaspoon of salt, to a pinch of oregano, to a cup of sugar. When the measurement units are converted, they will be displayed in milliliters and in grams, which we really liked.

Measury - Convert Measurement Units in Cooking Recipes

Ingredient recognition works great, even with low-quality or low-resolution images, but only recipes written in English are supported. If the application does not recognize a certain ingredient, you will be able to enter it manually, that is, choose a new one from the list of supported ingredients.

One drawback of Measury is the fact that there is no option to save the results it shows you. This is not such a big problem because there is an option to share the results with friends, so you can save the recipe this way. However, it would be much more convenient if there was an option to save in the application itself. Another drawback is the ads, which are everywhere and are quite annoying, and you can get rid of them by purchasing the premium version of the application.

Measury Is a Lifesaver for All Amateur Cooks

Nobody likes ads, but until we fundamentally change the current economic system, they are the only way to make a product or service free. For this reason and because all the options in Measury are available in the free version, we will not take this as a big drawback of the application. Other than that, this is a phenomenal app and a lifesaver for all amateur cooks, and we believe it will help even experienced ones. During use, we did not encounter any problems or bugs, so Measury gets our recommendation.

Android and iOS

In the download link we offered Measury for Android but if you want to download the version for iOS, please click HERE.



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