PeakLens – Augmented Reality for Mountain Lovers

PeakLens – Augmented Reality for Mountain Lovers

PeakLens is a free application that makes it easy to identify mountains and peaks in your surroundings. It is available only for Android.

Features of the PeakLens Application

The main function of this application is to display the names of peaks and mountains as you point your phone towards them. PeakLens combines augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Using your device’s GPS location, compass, gyroscope, and accelerometer, it identifies mountainous peaks in the environment. It works very quickly — in real time. The application has a precise 3D model of the entire planet to accurately determine peaks. Artificial intelligence combines actual geographical data with what is seen through the mobile device’s camera. Using the global geographical database OpenStreetMap, the application provides information on the names, heights, directions, and distances of mountain peaks. More than 200,000 peaks worldwide are indexed in PeakLens. There is a good chance that every peak near you is on this list.

PeakLens is easy to use: move your mobile phone around, and the application automatically recognizes and displays the names of geographical locations around you. You can also use a terrain map to view the peaks from a bird’s-eye perspective. In addition to the names and heights of peaks, the application provides other topographical data. PeakLens can work in offline mode, which is very useful since there is often no Wi-Fi or cell network in the mountains. Beforehand, you need to download the data for a specific country from the application. For the application to function, you need to grant it permissions to use the camera and GPS. PeakLens also has a website, but it is just an advertisement for the mobile application.

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Who Needs PeakLens?

The application is simple to use. However, there is a tutorial in the settings that shows how it works. Prolonged use of GPS, the camera, and AR technology can rapidly drain the mobile device’s battery. Less known regions of our planet are less covered. During use, we did not notice any ads.

The application is useful for planning terrain visits, as it can determine important locations before you set off. With PeakLens, you can take photos of surrounding hills and mountains with their names displayed. These photos can be shared with friends directly from the app to show off where you’ve been. PeakLens leaves a very noticeable watermark on all images. There is no option to remove it – surely, some users will regret that there is no Pro or Premium version of the app.

All nature and mountain lovers, whether skiers, alpinists, or hikers, who want to learn something about them or navigate more easily during their adventure, will appreciate such an application. It is beneficial during the exploration of unknown mountain areas for easier orientation. A lot can be learned about the geographical features of the areas you traverse. The authors of PeakLens boast that it is the best app for mountain lovers.

The Download button directs you to the installation available on the Play Store. If you have a Huawei phone, you can download and install the app from AppGallery, at the link provided HERE.




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