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How to Block All Emails From a Specific Website in Gmail

If you are receiving unwanted emails in Gmail, it is possible to block the email address from which you receive these emails. However, it often happens that you do not receive unwanted emails from the same email address, but they all come from the same website. The good news is that, in Gmail, you can […]Read More


How to Block and Unblock an Email Address in Gmail

Gmail offers an option that allows you to quickly block an email address, and if you want to unblock it, the process is also quite quick and easy. When you block an email address, all emails coming to you from that email address will automatically be sent to the Spam folder. Check out our video […]Read More


How to Block Calls From Unknown Numbers on Android

Most of us don’t like to receive calls from unknown numbers, so the good news is that it is possible to turn on the option on Android that will automatically block all calls from unknown numbers. The disadvantage of this is that it can happen that one of our friends changes the phone number and […]Read More


How to Block a YouTube Channel

Video recommendations that YouTube gives us are not always the best. Sometimes a channel, which we are not interested in at all, constantly appears in our Recommended section and no matter how much we ignore the videos from that channel, it somehow always finds its way to us. The solution to this problem is to […]Read More

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Edge Blocker

Computer code written by a programmer is not something a computer can understand. Because of this, each code must be translated into machine language, which the computer can understand. Special programs called Compilers are used for this. Each programming language has its own Compiler, a program that translates a computer language into a machine language. […]Read More


How to block and unblock a contact on Android

Unwanted calls from various marketing companies, promoters or people in your life can be very annoying. One solution to this problem is to block a number that is bothering you. Watch our video where we show you how to block and unblock a contact on Android. Video transcript: Open the calls Tap and hold on […]Read More