AppBlocker – Block Apps and Websites on Android

AppBlocker – Block Apps and Websites on Android

Excessive staring at the phone and switching from one application to another is a problem that most of us have, at least occasionally. The solution is simple, stare at the screen less. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

AppBlocker is a free app for Android that will allow you to block apps and websites you don’t want to visit for a certain period of time.

How Does AppBlocker Work?

AppBlocker works on a simple principle. App blocking works by creating a list of apps you don’t want to use and turn on the blocking option, after which you won’t be able to run those apps. Blocking websites works in exactly the same way, except that instead of a list of applications, you will create a list of domains, and you can set the period for which sites and applications will be blocked. There is also an option to automatically block more than 20 thousand porn sites.

AppBlocker menu

We have nothing more to say about AppBlocker since it is more than simple. Unfortunately, what we have a lot to say about is that this is not really a free app, and the business model is so sleazy that we feel uncomfortable just thinking about buying the premium version.

First of all, in the free version, you can only block one app, and blocking sites didn’t work at all. It seems to us that this is a bug since we used one of the supported Internet browsers, and the application says that it is allowed to block an unlimited number of sites.

Another thing that honestly annoyed us was the Negative Reinforcement option. This is the idea that when you do something wrong, you should receive a punishment or some inconvenience in order to learn that you shouldn’t do that thing.

In AppBlocker, this works so that when you want to open the app that you are currently blocking, you will be shown ads that will annoy you, so you will learn that you should not run these apps. Of course, the greedy authors will charge for every advertisement shown, and they will angrily and condemningly wag their finger at you.

AppBlocker - regular vs premium

This is even worse if we remember that since the dawn of smartphones, ads have served as a way to charge for using free apps and have never been there to encourage you to use the app less. What’s worse is that these ads will continue to show even when you pay for the premium version. If the authors thought this was a really useful method, instead of ads they could have simply shown a black screen or some ugly image and the effect would have been, at least, the same.

If You Have a Problem With Excessive Use of Your Phone, You Should Avoid AppBlocker in a Wide Arc

AppBlocker is an application that cynically and dishonestly tries to make money by exploiting human weakness and those who are trying to solve a very present problem in the modern world. We’re used to free apps using unscrupulous methods to get us to buy the premium version, but here we’re still surprised. The fact that the authors tried to sell ads as something good and useful simply disgusts us. If you think you have a problem and want to solve it, forget about AppBlocker.




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