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How to Clear Cache in Brave for Android

If you are experiencing bugs or websites not loading properly when using the Brave browser, a possible reason for this is a faulty cache memory. The solution is simple, clear the cache after which it will be rebuilt, this time without errors. Watch our video tutorial where we show you how to clear cache in […]Read More


How to Change the Homepage in Brave for Android

Like most other browsers, Brave allows us to set up a homepage, and for it we can choose any website. This is convenient because when you open a new tab, the home page will be displayed automatically. Check out our video tutorial where we show you how to change a Homepage in Brave for Android. […]Read More


How to Clear Search History in Brave for Android

If you are not the only one who uses a mobile phone, and you use Brave as an Internet browser, it is a good idea to clear your search history after use. This way, you will preserve your privacy and no one will be able to see which websites you have visited. Check out our […]Read More


How to Pause Ad Blocker in Brave for Android

In our opinion, Brave is the best internet browser, whether you use it on a PC or a mobile phone. In addition to protecting your security and not monitoring your internet activity, it also has a built-in Ad Blocker. However, some websites detect Ad Blocker and do not allow you to view the content until […]Read More


The best browser for PC in 2021

Web browsers are among the most used programs on our computers and as such, at least when we talk about the most well-known brands, they are all very good. However, there are differences. Speed, customization, and battery life are, in our opinion, the most important aspects of a browser. So we decided to compare browsers […]Read More


Brave browser adds support for IPFS

In a blog post, the Brave browser developers announced that they are collaborating with Protocol Labs on the integration of the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) protocol into their browser. What is IPFS The usual way to access websites is to use the HTTP or HTTPS protocol (the standard internet protocols used today). The browser uses […]Read More