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How to Share Your Current Location on Viber for Android

When you want to share your current location via Viber, you don’t need to type your address and number in the message. A much easier way is to share your GPS location. This way, not only do you not have to type the message, but the person you are sending the location to can simply […]Read More


How to Add a Google Maps Location to Google Docs

When you’re writing a text document that contains an address, there’s a handy option in Google Docs that will allow you to have a Google Maps location and map image appear when you hover over a street or city name. In this way, you can make a plain text document more interactive and useful to […]Read More


How to Share Your Current Location on WhatsApp for Android

If you want to send someone your current location via WhatsApp, you can write the address and number where you are in the message. However, a much easier way is to simply share your current location. This will send a Google Maps image of your current location. Also, this image can be opened in the […]Read More