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Business Software

Top 3 Best Free Android Expense Tracking Apps

In today’s world that is mostly based on money, taking care of finances is very important. When we have an insight into where and how much we spend, it will be easier to find areas where we can save. Expense tracking is something we have always done, and modern technology can help us even more. […]Read More

Security Software

Top 3 Best Free Android Spying Apps

In the digital age we live in, information is easily accessible to everyone. With a smartphone and an internet connection, we are all just a few clicks away from any information we need. Unfortunately, this freedom comes with a price. Our children, who do not have the mental capacity to process the information that reaches […]Read More

Security Software

Facebook Container, put Facebook in a cage

Facebook, as well as Google and other websites, can track you even when using other websites. This means that Facebook is taking more than just your browsing data. It makes your profile, which is then used for targeted ads. Facebook Container is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser that stops tracking outside Facebook’s website. […]Read More