Top 3 Best Free Android Spying Apps

Top 3 Best Free Android Spying Apps

In the digital age we live in, information is easily accessible to everyone. With a smartphone and an internet connection, we are all just a few clicks away from any information we need. Unfortunately, this freedom comes with a price. Our children, who do not have the mental capacity to process the information that reaches them, can be in danger. Pornographic websites, risky applications, or scammers operating online are just some of the possible threats.

Don’t get us wrong. Our opinion is not that children should be deprived of their mobile phones. On the contrary, they need to be introduced to this amazing technology as soon as possible and be constantly encouraged to learn how to use it because it will be necessary for them in life. However, it is often not wise to leave them completely unprotected.

A good way to monitor your child is to install a spying app on his phone. These applications are designed to be hidden from users. They are not visible in the list of installed applications. They run in the background and do not show their activity in any way.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! If you want to install a spying application on an adult person’s phone without their knowledge and consent, keep in mind that this is illegal. Use these apps at your own risk.

What is rooting an Android device?

Before we move on to the top list, it is necessary to explain what is rooting an Android device. Many spyware applications require the device to be rooted to work properly.

Rooting Android devices is a process that gives users access to protected device subsystems. A good way to describe this is: giving full administrator privileges to the user.

When you root a device, you get the ability to delete or change system applications, install specialized applications that require administrator privileges and perform operations that are not allowed when you use the device normally.

Rooting disables many of the security features of the operating system, and those security features are what keep the operating system secure and your data protected. This is the main reason why rooting is required for spyware applications to work.

In most cases, rooting is not recommended because this is simply not necessary for normal use of the device. The rooting process itself requires technical knowledge and is not recommended for beginners. If you are not sure what you are doing, it is best to take your smartphone into service and let the professionals root the device and install the spyware application you want.



iKeyMonitor is a free Android application. If you need a simple spying app that is easy to use and suitable for beginners, this is the app for you.

iKeyMonitor allows you to monitor internet activity and SMS messages. It is also possible to limit the time of using the device, as well as take screenshots. These are all great features for parents, although your child will know that the spying app is installed on their phone if you limit the usage time.

This application also contains more advanced options, but it is necessary to root the phone to use them. Like FlexiSPY, you need to purchase a premium version of the app to access advanced features.


To download iKeyMonitor, click HERE.

Kiddie Parental Control

Kiddie Parental Control

Kiddie Parental Control is a free Android application. As its name suggests, it is intended for parents to protect their children on the Internet and as such offers many options that will help you in this.

Kiddie Parental Control allows you to filter sensitive and inappropriate content, and it is possible to limit the length of calls, as well as which applications can be installed on the phone. It is also possible to monitor the child’s internet activities, and it also provides access to the browser’s search history.

What we liked most about this app is that the free version is quite sufficient for most users. This is, in our opinion, the best spying app for parents.


To download Kiddie Parental Control, click HERE.

Prey Anti Theft

Prey Anti Theft

The last application on our list is not intended for spying, although it can be used for that purpose as well. Prey Anti Theft is an application similar to applications for finding a lost or stolen phone. It is available for free for Android devices.

Prey Anti Theft allows you to track the location of the device, the ability to take pictures with the phone’s camera, as well as the option to connect to nearby WiFi and thus discover the location of your phone. It is also possible to turn on the alarm and lock the phone.

Like Kiddie Parental Control, the free version is enough for most users.


To download Prey Anti Theft, click HERE.

Cocospy – premium


The applications we have written about so far are free with a premium version and in the free version, and in a free version they offer limited features. Unfortunately, in order to get the application with all the necessary features, you will have to pay for a premium app. As a bonus, we will present you with two, in our opinion, the best premium spying applications.

Cocospy is a premium spying app available for Android and iOS. The installation takes only a few minutes. The phone does not need to be rooted, and the entire application takes up only 2 MB. Also, it consumes very little battery, so it is almost impossible to detect.

With Cocospy, you can track social media activity, see the location of a tracked device, have insight into contacts, calls, and Internet browser history. You can even see deleted messages on Snapchat.

The data that Cocospy collects is stored in the Cloud and can be accessed using any internet browser. The user interface is great for beginners who do not have much experience with spyware applications.

Android and iOS

The most cost-effective package for Cocospy is “Premium” and it costs $ 9.99 per month, if you purchase a license 12 months in advance, for one device. You can find more information on the company’s website.

To buy and download Cocospy, click HERE.

FlexiSPY – premium


FlexiSPY has been around since 2005 and is one of the oldest spying apps. It’s free and available for Android and iOS. It is considered one of the best applications of its kind, with the most advanced features.

In addition to all the features we expect from these types of applications, FlexiSPY provides the ability to listen in on actual phone calls at the time of the call and record those calls. This is not an option we often see in spyware applications.

Rooting the device is not necessary for the application to be installed. However, to access advanced features, including listening in on phone calls, device rooting is required.

This is, in our opinion, the best premium app currently on the market. Also, keep in mind that the application does not support Android versions below version 4.0.4, but this should not be such a big problem.

Android and iOS

The basic package for FlexiSPY costs $ 29.95 per month. You can find more information on the company’s website.

To buy and download FlexiSPY, click HERE.



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