Typora – A Beautiful and Minimalist Tool for Writers

Typora – A Beautiful and Minimalist Tool for Writers

Typora is a minimalist text-editing application with a free trial period that uses the Markdown format. It was primarily created for macOS and later for Windows and Linux.

Features of the Typora Application

Typora has a simple and elegant user interface. To highlight these qualities, the Markdown format was chosen as the default document format. It is convenient because it has a small syntax and can easily be converted to HTML. In addition to the basic features, advanced Markdown functions have been added: tables, diagrams, formulas, images, footnotes, links, code blocks, and much more can be inserted into documents. Each part of document work is made easier, and editing tables and cells is direct, just like in Excel. This is very useful because the Markdown format can be complicated to work with tables.

Typora supports WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). So, all the time while you are working, you know how your document will look when printed. In fact, while the text is being entered, it is marked with Markdown syntax, and Typora converts it in real-time to WYSIWYG. Therefore, work is faster, and the text is better formatted. The application also offers its own themes to customize the document’s appearance. If that’s not enough, you can create your own CSS files with the desired style. The entire screen space is dedicated to writing. Toolbars and menus are only visible when needed, so the user is focused solely on the content being entered.

Typora has synchronization with Dropbox, Google Drive, and some other services. Therefore, documents can be accessed at any time from desktop platforms that have this application installed. Documents can be shared with other users on different platforms. In the options, you can set documents to be saved automatically. Import exists for more than ten of the most common text file formats, such as HTML, PDF, docx, LaTeX, RTF, ePub and odt. Export is supported directly to HTML and PDF, and through the Pandoc extension to many others. It is possible to install plugins and extensions that increase the application’s functionality.

What is the Markdown Formatting Language Used by Typora?

We have mentioned the Markdown format several times, and now we will provide a brief explanation for those who haven’t used it before. It is a simple and understandable text markup language that allows you to format almost any document. It is a kind of simplified HTML. Therefore, it is easily converted to HTML and is used for creating web text. Its extension is MD.

In addition to preparing web text, you can find it on forums, in README files, in notes. For font formatting, it has: bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough. It can create bulleted and numbered lists. Markdown supports quotes and code blocks, as well as inserting links, images, and horizontal lines. These are almost all elements of basic syntax. There is also extended syntax that not all applications support. With it, you can create and insert simpler tables, footnotes, emojis, etc.

As it is simple to write, it is also very readable. Markdown syntax is easy to remember. It is used by bloggers, programmers, and others who like quick and simple text formatting. There are many places where you can quickly learn Markdown. We recommend one of them to you HERE.

Typora - Quick Start

Who Needs Typora and Why?

Typora now offers a free trial period lasting 15 days. After the trial period expires, we did not notice any issues with the application, except that it discreetly requests product registration – payment. If you want a completely free application with similar functionality, check out our post: Markor – Simple and Advanced Notebook and Text Editor.

The official website of the application is: https://typora.io/. You can find documentation and support for Typora HERE. If you plan to use this application frequently, a good tip is to learn the keyboard shortcuts.

Typora is used for writing documentation, blog posts, presentations, and emails. Due to its minimalist design and powerful features, it has become popular among students, writers, and programmers. Most of us use MS Word or similar programs from other Office suites for text editing. We never try any alternatives to these massive “do-it-all” programs that resemble Frankenstein. Maybe with Typora, your texts will also become more beautiful ;-).

The Download button below is a link for Windows, macOS, and Linux installation files. Typora is natively integrated into the macOS desktop environment, so you don’t have to install it.

Windows, macOS, and Linux



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