Ventoy – make a bootable USB

Ventoy – make a bootable USB

When installing the operating system, we need to have the installation files packed on a bootable CD or USB device. A bootable device is one that is set up so that it is possible to boot the computer from that device instead of from the hard drive. This is most commonly used to install an operating system from a USB device or boot it from it.

CDs haven’t been in use for a while, and we’ve replaced them with USBs. When you want to make a bootable USB device, you can use various programs and tools for that, and one such tool is the Ventoy free program for Windows and Linux.

Simple and practical

What sets Ventoy apart from the competition is its ease of use and the ability to add multiple ISO files to a single USB device. But let’s start from the beginning. When you download Ventoy, you get a zipped file that you need to unzip, and there is no installation.

Ventoy meny

When you start the program, a menu will appear in which you will have to choose which of the connected USB devices you want to make bootable. Click the Install button to begin the process of creating a bootable USB. There is no need to select the partition type, cluster size, and other settings – everything is automated. When this process is complete you will have a blank but bootable USB to which you can transfer one or more ISO files.

When you boot your computer from Ventoy USB, you will get a list of all ISO files on it. In order for the computer to boot from USB, you must first set the USB to be the first choice when booting in BIOS. When you select the file you want to run, the system restarts and starts with that ISO file. This works for Windows, Linux, macOS, Catalina, Ubuntu, and Linux Mint operating systems.

Ventoy is very useful for all those who work in computer servicing or just like to try out and install different operating systems. It’s also very handy if you have several different operating systems or different versions that you often use because you don’t have to carry a bunch of USBs, just one is enough.


In our tests, Ventoy performed flawlessly. We did not have any problems with the installation or startup of any operating system. The program worked quickly, and without error, so Ventoy gets our warm recommendation.


Windows 7, 8, 10, Linux



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