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How to Turn On USB Debugging on Android

The USB Debugging option on Android allows you to connect your phone and computer, but in such a way that it is possible to perform tasks on the phone using a computer. This option is most often used by developers, but it can also be useful for ordinary users because this way you can root […]Read More


How to set up USB for better performance in Windows 10

When copying something to your USB drive, it is recommended that you always use the “Safely Remove Hardware” option before removing the device. This is because, although Windows has shown that copying is complete, it sometimes happens that there are still a couple of uncopied bits left. When you use this option, you tell Windows […]Read More

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Ventoy – make a bootable USB

When installing the operating system, we need to have the installation files packed on a bootable CD or USB device. A bootable device is one that is set up so that it is possible to boot the computer from that device instead of from the hard drive. This is most commonly used to install an […]Read More


How You Never Have To “Safely Remove” USB in Windows 10

Do you always “eject” your USB drives before unplugging them? You can save yourself some clicks and some time with this simple tip because you’ll never have to eject a flash drive again. See how in our video below. Video transcript: Make sure that your USB device is plugged in In the search field type […]Read More