Bitmoji – make a perfect sticker

Bitmoji – make a perfect sticker

Today, it is not enough for us to use only letters in our text messages. Whichever chat application we use, we often use smileys and stickers. For those who like to express their thoughts and feelings in this way, we present Bitmoji, a free application for Android and iOS, with which you can create original stickers.

What is Bitmoji?

When you install the application, you need to register with the email, and then the fun begins! You start by selecting your avatar, which you can then edit in detail. You can choose your skin color, hair, eyes, shape of your face and nose, hairstyle, wardrobe, and shoes for your avatar. After saving the avatar, you need to download the stickers with your character.

Bitmoji create a sticker

After that, the real fun begins! Bitmoji offers an extensive selection of stickers with your character in many different situations, such as the ones we are used to seeing on Viber. Furthermore, if you are not satisfied with your avatar’s appearance, you can change it in detail, and the stickers will be updated automatically.

Sharing stickers using Bitmoji

The ultimate goal of this application is to create a Bitmoji keyboard that contains all your favorite stickers, so you can use them quickly and efficiently when chatting.

To use your stickers, you must enable the Bitmoji keyboard in the messaging application you want to use or share stickers directly from the application. To send stickers from the app, you need to open the Bitmoji app, tap the sticker you want to send, and select the desired messaging app from the list. On the next screen, you can select the recipients, and that is the whole process!

Bitmoji share a sticker

Bitmoji has a privacy problem

Most of the Bitmoji application options are free. Only a particular brand of clothes and shoes for your avatar is paid extra. However, this application, like many others, has a questionable privacy policy.

According to its privacy policy, Bitmoji may collect your personal information from other applications such as Snapchat. For example, if you use Snapchat, Bitmoji can monitor your data and save it. The application can then sell that data to third parties. Of course, many applications have been doing this for years, so it is your choice whether it is acceptable for you to exchange part of your privacy for great personalized stickers.

Android, iOS

In the download link we offered Bitmoji for Android but if you want to download the version for iOS please click HERE.



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