Logseq – Writing Professional Papers Like in Wikipedia

Logseq – Writing Professional Papers Like in Wikipedia

Writing text on a computer is easy and for that, we have a huge selection of text editors, everything from simple ones like Notepad to professional ones like Microsoft Word. However, we found one very interesting program that will, we are sure, be of great help to certain users.

Logseq is a free word processing program available for Windows 10, 11, and macOS that will allow you to create a document that will look and behave similarly to Wikipedia.

How Does Logseq Work?

Logseq is an open-source program, which means that it is completely free, you can use it without any restrictions, and its code is available to everyone for free. When you install the program, you will see a modest user interface, and a document will be automatically loaded that aims to show you the capabilities of the program.

Logseq menu

As we said, Logseq is a text editing program, but it is intended for users who write professional papers. It achieves this by allowing you to edit your texts similar to what Wikipedia looks like.

You start by creating a new page by clicking on the plus sign, after which you can start writing. In addition to text, you can add images, icons, and videos to the page, and there are no options for editing the color, size, or font of the text. As you create new pages, you can link them together by making a link from certain words or phrases, just like on a website. When you finish the project, you can save it as a plain text document, but also in HTML format, which we especially liked.

As your project grows and as you add more and more pages, a graphical representation of the pages and links between those pages will be created automatically. This display is quite simple but very functional. Each page is represented by a dot below which the page name will be displayed, and the lines connecting the dots (pages) show the links between them. This way you can easily view all the pages you have created and see which page is linked to which page.

Logseq graph

The only complaint we have is that none of the tools in Logseq are graphically represented in the program, that is, there is no button that you can click on, you can only use keyboard shortcuts. Of course, you can find a list of all shortcuts within the program, but until you learn them all by heart, you will often visit this menu.

Logseq Will Help You Create Your Own Wikipedia

We liked Logseq and we can clearly see who this program is for. As of this writing, we’ve come across a graphics bug that puts a few buttons on top of each other, but we’re sure this bug will be fixed soon, so we’ll ignore it and suggest you try this interesting program.

Windows 10, 11, and macOS



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