O&O DeskInfo – Data About Your PC on the Desktop

O&O DeskInfo – Data About Your PC on the Desktop

There are many ways to see data about the operation of our Windows computer. We can do this using the System Information program that comes already installed on Windows, and we can also use programs such as Speccy or SysGauge. All these programs display the data in a window, but what if you want this data to be displayed on the desktop, as part of the wallpaper?

O&O DeskInfo is a free program for Windows 10 and 11 that will allow you to monitor the operation of your computer, and all data will be displayed on the desktop.

How Does O&O DeskInfo Work?

O&O DeskInfo is a portable program, which means there is no installation, all you have to do is download and run it. When you run it, information about your computer’s hardware and operating system will be displayed on the desktop, in the upper right corner of the screen, and the program icon will appear in the System Tray (lower right corner of the screen, next to the clock).

O&O DeskInfo menu

The data that will be displayed is information about the user and the operating system, hard disk, processor, RAM memory, graphics card, and more. One gripe we have is the fact that O&O DeskInfo can’t display CPU, hard drive, and graphics card temperature data. This data is often the most important with such programs, so this is not a small complaint. Also, there is no option to make the data always visible and not only on the desktop.

By clicking on the icon in the System Tray, a context menu will open with which you can adjust everything related to the operation and appearance of the program, and there is no classic menu for this, everything is done exclusively from here. Here you can set whether the program will run together with the operating system if you have multiple monitors, on which monitor the data will be displayed, as well as whether only basic or all the data will be displayed.

You will also be able to adjust the appearance, that is, the font size, color, and transparency of the letters on the desktop. No matter what image you have, you will be able to adjust the appearance so that it is always clearly visible.

O&O DeskInfo Is a Program That Will Not Be Useful to Most Users

Frankly, the disadvantages of O&O DeskInfo outweigh its advantages. The idea of ​​having PC data always readily available on the desktop is great, but without computer temperature data, which, as we said, is generally the most important, this program is not that useful. Also annoying is the fact that the data can be displayed only on the desktop, which makes monitoring the performance of your PC tedious.

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