Session – Completely Private and Anonymous Chat App

Session – Completely Private and Anonymous Chat App

Session is a free messaging app available for Android and iOS, with versions for Windows 10, 11, Linux, and macOS. What makes it stand out is the fact that this is an application that is fully committed to preserving the privacy and anonymity of its users and their messages. In this review, we’ll focus on the Android and iOS apps, but most of what we say will also apply to the Windows 10, 11, Linux, and macOS versions, especially when it comes to privacy.

How Does Session Work?

We won’t dwell too much on the options that Session contains. As for messages, they work just like any other messaging app. Calls and video calls are currently in beta, which means that these options are not yet fully built, but they are available for use. It is important to note that calls and video calls are turned off by default and you will need to turn them on in the settings. Also, calls and video calls are encrypted, but they don’t have all the other security measures we have when it comes to messaging.

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Session is an application dedicated to user privacy and anonymity and is advertised as the most secure application of its kind in the world. We will immediately say that this statement is completely true. This is not just our opinion, but the company that created Session also asked an independent company, Quarkslab, to do a privacy check on the app, and the results are phenomenal, showing that the claims are completely true.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Session, you’ll need to create an account. However, unlike all other applications of this kind, when creating an account you will not have to leave your phone number, email address, or any other private information. The only thing Session will ask you is to choose a name to display in the app.

When sending and receiving messages, all messages will be encrypted. This is not unique to Session and many apps highlight this option, and the entire encryption system is taken from the Signal app, which is proven to be great at this.

What makes Session stand out and the reason why this is the best app when it comes to privacy and anonymity, in addition to the user not leaving any private data, is that no metadata is collected about the user. This includes the user’s location, device information, data about when and how long the user uses the app, and more.

Also, Session uses a Tor-like system to send messages. This means that there is no central server through which all messages pass, but a system with a large number of decentralized servers is used, and not a single server knows the IP address of the sender or recipient of the message.

The Only “Flaw” of Session Is That the Application Is Still Under Development

Session is the only messaging application that truly and completely preserves the privacy and anonymity of users. This is also proven by the Quarkslab report, where the only “complaints” are suggestions as to how security can be further improved. The only “flaw” is that the application is still in development and not all options have been implemented yet. If you don’t mind this, we highly recommend you try Session, because we honestly believe it will be the best messaging app out there when it’s finished.

Windows 10, 11, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS



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