Spectra – Quick Insight Into the Technical Characteristics of a Mobile Phone

Spectra – Quick Insight Into the Technical Characteristics of a Mobile Phone

Bought a new smartphone and want to check if the advertised features are true or have an older phone that has started to run slow? The solution is to install an application that will provide you with insight into the information about the mobile device you are using, and this is exactly what the application that we are going to present to you does.

Spectra is a free application for Android that will allow you to view the technical data of the mobile phone you are using.

How Does Spectra Work?

One of the advantages offered by Spectra is that the application does not contain any settings, so it will be easy to use even for beginners. When you launch it, you’ll see a neat, but in our opinion, ugly user interface that’s divided into sections that group together the various features of your mobile phone.

Spectra Soc and Mem

The first is System and here, as the name suggests, you will be able to see the system characteristics of your mobile phone. These include the Android version and ID, whether the device is rooted, information about the bootloader and the name of the chipset, but also information about the installed version of Java and the version of the kernel.

The section that most users will probably be most interested in is SOC & Memory, and here you will find the technical data of the device. You will be able to see data about the processor, and each core separately, the amount of working and storage memory and all other data about the phone.

In the other sections you will find literally everything you are interested in and we cannot think of a single piece of information that we were missing. There is even a Sensors section that will test the phone’s sensors and display the results. These are the ones that detect when the phone is upright or on the side, as well as those that detect the intensity of light or noise.

Spectra sensors

We are happy to say that all the data that Spectra offers is available without you having to pay anything, however the ads are incredibly annoying. At the bottom of the screen there is a place for an advertisement that will always be displayed and visible on the screen, and every time you change the section several times, you will have to watch the video ad.

Spectra Provides Insight Into Absolutely All the Data About Your Phone

The best thing about this application is the fact that it provides insight into absolutely every possible data about your mobile phone and that the data is nicely organized and transparent. The ads are very annoying, but we won’t take this as too much of a complaint, because this is not an app that you will spend hours in, and it provides all the data completely free of charge. During use, we did not encounter any problems or bugs, so Spectra gets our recommendation.




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