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How to fix corrupted system files in Windows 10

If your computer has startup problems or makes mistakes while working, chances are that your Windows system files are corrupted. Windows 10, like most previous versions, includes a program called Windows Resource Protection that allows you to scan, verify, and repair system files. You run this program from the Command Prompt. If you can’t start […]Read More

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Largest Files Finder

If you have a problem with a full hard drive and don’t know which files take up so much space, we have a solution – introducing Largest Files Finder, a free program for Windows. How does the Largest Files Finder work? When you download Largest Files Finder, all you have to do is run it […]Read More

Utilities & Operating Systems

Files UWP file manager for Windows 10

Windows File Explorer is arguably the most used application on Windows 10, but advances in design and functionality are almost non-existent compared to previous versions. Files UWP is an open-source file management application for Windows 10 that you can use as an alternative to the built-in File Explorer. The application strives to “modernize” the File […]Read More