Largest Files Finder

Largest Files Finder

If you have a problem with a full hard drive and don’t know which files take up so much space, we have a solution – introducing Largest Files Finder, a free program for Windows.

How does the Largest Files Finder work?

When you download Largest Files Finder, all you have to do is run it because there is no installation, and it will start scanning your hard drive. The program will find the 100 largest files and show them to you in a list. You will see the file name, the path to the physical location on the hard disk, the file size, and the date the file was last modified. We were pleasantly surprised that it only took about 2 minutes to scan a 2 TB hard drive.

When the scan is complete, right-clicking on one of the files found will give you two options: Open file location and Delete. Open file location will open the file in File Explorer, and Delete will delete the file directly from the program. Largest Files Finder doesn’t have any additional settings. The only thing you can do is scan a specific folder or the whole hard drive.

Largest Files Finder

When we first heard about this program, we thought it was completely unnecessary because for “professionals” like us, there is certainly no need for a program like this. After all, we know exactly what is on our hard drive. After the first scan, we were completely disillusioned as the ten biggest files were footage from games that Fraps made without our knowledge and took up over 16 BG of space (true story).


Largest Files Finder is a very simple program that does one thing and does it perfectly. There is no need for installation, it’s lightning-fast, the interface is simple and clean, so if your hard drive is full, use the Largest Files Finder before you start deleting your vacation photos.


Windows NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10



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