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How to Change the Font of a Message in WhatsApp

If you want to decorate a message on WhatsApp or emphasize its importance, one way to do that is to change the font. WhatsApp offers a choice of five fonts in which you can change the message text. Watch our video in which we show you how to change the font of a message in […]Read More


How to change font size on Android

Modern Android devices allow us an impressive amount of customization. Gone are the days when we could only change the melody and the background image. One setting, which we believe will be useful to many, is adjusting the font size. Whether you have poor eyesight or simply want larger letters on the screen to make […]Read More

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FontViewOK – compare fonts easily

Suppose you are writing on a computer, making infographics and banners, or just like to write something in nice letters below the image. In that case, the choice of font can often significantly affect the final product. In the sea of ​​fonts we have installed on our computers, it is sometimes difficult to see the […]Read More