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Educational Software

Librera – All for Book Reading

Librera is a free application for reading e-books on the Android operating system. By the number of downloads, it can be considered one of the most popular reading apps. There is also Librera Pro, which is ad-free and offers some additional options. However, we won’t discuss those features here. Capabilities of Librera In addition to […]Read More


How to Save a Web Page as a PDF File in Mozilla Firefox

You probably occasionally have a need to access a certain web page when you are offline. You can do this in several ways, and one convenient solution is to save the entire page in PDF format and then open it as a regular PDF file. Watch our video tutorial where we show you how to […]Read More


How to Save a Google Slides Presentation in PDF Format

If you need to save a presentation made in Google Slides in PDF format, the good news is that this is possible and very easy to do directly from Slides. Unfortunately, Google designers seemed to want to hide this option on purpose, so they put it in the menu for previewing the document before printing. […]Read More


How to Save an Excel Spreadsheet in PDF Format

The PDF format is convenient because the content will always be displayed exactly the same, regardless of the version of the program with which the document was created. For this reason, when you need to share a certain document with colleagues or friends, it is a good idea to save the document in PDF format […]Read More


How to Save a Google Sheets File in PDF Format

If you want to save a Google Sheets file in PDF format, you can do it directly from Google Sheets and you don’t need to use any additional programs. All you need to do is download the file in PDF format, which is supported within Google Sheets. Watch our video tutorial where we show you […]Read More


How to Add a Comment in a PDF Document in Google Docs

One neat option we have in the Google Drive office suite is the ability to leave a comment. In this way, communication between those working on the same document is much faster and easier. However, did you know that you can also leave a comment in a PDF document? Watch our video tutorial where we […]Read More

Business Software

Smallpdf – Converting and Compressing PDF Files

The PDF format is used when we want to be sure that the document will look identical on all screens, in all resolutions, and in whatever program it was written. The good thing about PDF files is that it is easy to convert them to other formats or to convert another format to PDF. Smallpdf […]Read More


How to Open a PDF Document With Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word can open a large number of different file formats, including PDF. When you open a PDF document using Word, in addition to viewing the document, you will also be able to edit it, and if you want to save the document in PDF format, you can easily do so directly from Word. Watch […]Read More


How to Save a Google Docs Document in PDF Format

PDF is the format we use when we want a document to load exactly the same on all computers. That way, all formatting will be saved, no matter what program the document was created with. Google Docs includes the option to save the document in PDF format, whether it’s a file written in Docs or […]Read More


How to Edit a PDF File Using Google Docs

The main advantage and reason why we use PDF files are that their content is displayed exactly the same on all devices. The problem is that modifying the contents of these files is quite difficult because we can’t do that from a PDF reader. Google Docs allows us to quickly and easily modify the contents […]Read More