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How to Create a Photo Album in PowerPoint

Slideshows don’t have to be used only for business presentations. With Microsoft PowerPoint, you can create a photo album in which you can then add captions, as well as visual and sound effects, and in this way make viewing your vacation photos more memorable and fun. Watch our video tutorial where we show you how […]Read More


How to Number Slides in PowerPoint

When giving a PowerPoint presentation, it’s easy to lose track of which slide you’re currently on, especially if it’s a large presentation and you often have to go back to previous slides. The solution is to number the slides. That way you always know which slide you are currently on. Watch our video tutorial where […]Read More


How to Save a PowerPoint Presentation as a PDF File

PowerPoint presentations are the best way to visually convey information. However, one of the problems you may encounter is that it is very easy to disrupt the formatting of slides. Also, in order to be able to view a PowerPoint presentation, the device on which you want to display it must have PowerPoint installed, and […]Read More