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How to Turn On Quiet Mode in Instagram for Android

If you do not want to be disturbed by notifications from Instagram, there is no need to turn off the sound on your phone and miss potentially important calls. Instagram includes a Quiet mode option that, when turned on, will allow you to set the time when Quiet mode starts and ends and you will […]Read More


How to Enable the Repeated Calls Option on Android

When you want to rest and don’t want to be disturbed by calls and texts, you probably turn off the sound on your phone. However, what if the call is important and you need to answer? The solution is the Repeated calls option that most Android phones have. When the Repeated calls option is on […]Read More

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SoundFixer – sound regulator for browsers

On YouTube, almost always, we will find a song we want to hear, often in multiple versions. We can also create a playlist with our favourite songs, use pre-made playlists, or turn on the option for YouTube to select songs from the recommended section. However, there is one problem. There is often a big difference […]Read More