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How to Delete an Add-in (Plugin) in Microsoft Word

We’ve shown you how to install a plugin, or as Microsoft calls it an Add-in, and now we’re going to show you how to delete it. It’s a bit unintuitive that you have to click on the Get Add-ins option, and in this menu you’ll have the option to view all installed add-ins and delete […]Read More


How to Delete Leftover Files Using Revo Uninstaller

When you install and uninstall programs in Windows, files and registry entries will remain on your computer after the programs are deleted. These files will not harm your computer, but they will take up space unnecessarily and more importantly, slow down your computer. The solution is to delete them, and you can do this safely […]Read More


How to Uninstall A Game on Steam

When you’re done playing a video game, you probably want to uninstall it. This frees up hard drive space, and if you use Steam and have Steam Cloud game sync turned on, all your saved games will be available if you ever decide to reinstall the game. Watch our video tutorial where we show you […]Read More

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Top 3 Best Free Uninstall Tools for Windows

Windows has an option to uninstall programs, but this option often doesn’t work very well. How many times have you received a message when you try to delete a program that the uninstall failed or that certain components of the program cannot be deleted? In addition, when you uninstall programs this way, files, folders, shortcuts, […]Read More


How to Uninstall Programs Downloaded From the Microsoft Store

When you install a program using the Microsoft Store, it will not appear in the Control Panel under the Programs and Features option, so it cannot be uninstalled from there. However, do not despair, these programs can be uninstalled. The procedure is a little different, but it is very simple. Check out our video tutorial […]Read More


How to Set up Windows 10 to Run Faster on Older Computers

If you have an older computer, you are probably facing the problem that your computer is no longer running as fast as it used to. There are many reasons why computers become slower over time, components get, programs become more demanding, accumulated programs slow down your computer, and viruses you picked up somewhere on the […]Read More