Colorcinch – Free Online Photo Editing Software

Colorcinch – Free Online Photo Editing Software

We are witnessing the trend that more and more programs are available through the website, and photo editors are at the forefront of this. This approach to programs brings certain advantages, but also disadvantages. The main disadvantage is the fact that such programs are much slower and work worse than their offline counterparts, but they do not require installation, you always have the latest version, there is no need to update, and the program is always available to you along with all your works and much more.

Colorcinch is a free photo editor available through a website and accessed through an internet browser, so it’s available on all operating systems, and it offers advanced options but is packaged so that the program is great for beginners.

How Does Colorcinch Work?

Colorcinch is a photo editor aimed at beginners, but it contains options that will make it interesting for more advanced users. You access the program through the website and you can use it without an account, but if you want to download the images you have edited, as well as use the Cloud service where you can save your images and works, you will need to create a free account, so this is the first thing you should do.

Colorcinch menu

The user interface will be familiar to anyone who has ever used Photoshop or some other popular photo editor. The image you are working on is placed in the center of the screen, and almost all the options are in the menu on the left. Since there aren’t too many options, the user interface is streamlined, easy to use, and nice looking.

The first option in this menu is Edit and here you will find basic tools such as options for image resizing, rotation, cropping, and so on. Under the Edit option are options to manage colors, add filters, masks, frames, graphics and effects, drawing, text, and other options.

We can say that, although Colorcinch has fewer options than, for example, Photoshop, the ones it offers are quite enough for the needs of most users, and you will not miss any of them for amateur photo editing. All the options work perfectly, and you control them mainly by moving the sliders, which is great for less experienced users.

The main drawback of Colorcinch is ads that take up a large part of the user interface and are very annoying and eye-popping. Also, a lot of options, such as different filters, graphics, and effects or the option for the program to automatically remove the background from the image or to replace one color with another, are locked behind the subscription.

Colorcinch Is a Great Free Photo Editor, Especially for Beginners

Colorcinch is an excellent program, and the options it offers will satisfy the needs of most users. You can use it completely free, and apart from a few essential options, everything you pay for is something that is not necessary. While using it, not only did we not encounter any problems or bugs, but the program worked extremely well and quickly, so Colorcinch gets our recommendation.




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