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Desktop Enhancements

BingSnap – Bring Your Desktop to Life

If you want to revive and refresh your desktop, we have the right program for you. BingSnap is a free program for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 and 11 that will put beautiful photos from the Internet on your desktop, and you can save the ones you like the most. What we liked the most […]Read More


How to Download an Image From Google Docs

If someone has sent you a Google Docs document that contains an image that you want to save to your computer, you’ve probably been confused that when you right-clicked on the image, you didn’t find an option to download the image. There are multiple ways to download an image in Docs, and none of them […]Read More

Digital Photo Software

Colorcinch – Free Online Photo Editing Software

We are witnessing the trend that more and more programs are available through the website, and photo editors are at the forefront of this. This approach to programs brings certain advantages, but also disadvantages. The main disadvantage is the fact that such programs are much slower and work worse than their offline counterparts, but they […]Read More


How to Crop an Image Into a Shape in Google Slides

When you want to place an image in your Google Slides presentation, that image doesn’t have to be square. Google Slides offers a large number of shapes in which you can crop an image to enhance your presentation. Check out our video tutorial where we show you how to crop an image into a shape […]Read More

Digital Photo Software

PicPick – Image Editing in the Office

Image editing programs, whether designed for professionals or beginners, try to give us the best possible way and as many tools to edit the image as we imagined. However, few of them are designed with the idea of ​​being used in office conditions, where efficiency is often more important than artistic expression. Introducing PicPick, a […]Read More


How to Save an Image as a PDF File in Windows 10

Windows 10 has a handy option that allows you to save an image as a PDF file. This will work with all popular image formats and best of all, you don’t need to instal any additional programs. Don’t be confused that we use the Print option. Whether you have or do not have a printer, […]Read More

Digital Photo Software

Best Free Replacements for Adobe Photoshop

When we talk about image editing programs, Photoshop is the program that first comes to mind. Photoshop is the most famous and popular program in this category and with good reason. The options it has are phenomenal, the user interface is modern and easy to use, and it works quickly and without errors. The only […]Read More

Digital Photo Software

Photopea – Free Copy of Photoshop

There are many tools for editing and creating images, and Photoshop is probably the best and most famous among them. Photoshop was created back in 1990 and had time to improve its options to the level that today almost anything can be done with this phenomenal program. However, Photoshop has one downside, and that is […]Read More