Fast Mouse Clicker – extend your mouse life

Fast Mouse Clicker – extend your mouse life

Have you ever wanted to click a mouse one hundred thousand times in one second? Honestly, neither did we, until we heard it was possible. Then we promptly gave it a try and Windows fell to the ground and started shaking uncontrollably.

Fast Mouse Clicker is a free program for Windows 7, 8, and 10, which improves mouse performance. This program allows you to produce up to one hundred thousand clicks per second (it’s a shame that Windows doesn’t go well with this) and saves the time needed to execute them.

How does Fast Mouse Clicker work?

Fast Mouse Clicker is a program used to generate automatic mouse clicks. This program simulates mouse button presses and makes repeated actions fast and optimized. When you press a keyboard shortcut (F9 key by default) the clicking starts. This will continue until the set number of clicks is reached or until you press the shortcut key again. While auto-clicking, you can normally control the mouse and position the cursor where you want it.

Fast Mouse Clicker main menu

In this way, the computer achieves better performance and improves memory management. This tool aims to prevent constant mechanical clicking and thus extend the life of the mouse. It includes all types of mouse clicks on the computer: left, right, and middle mouse button click.

In video games like Roblox or Minecraft, players are required to click at high speed, even when clicking so fast is not physically possible. This is the case when Fast Mouse Clicker comes to the rescue. If you play games in a team, you can increase the whole team’s productivity with the help of this program.

Within the program settings, you can set the number of clicks, the number of clicks per second, as well as the stop time. A fun option is the one simulating mouse clicks using the keyboard. Although there is an option to stop the program’s execution, it may happen that the program simply does not respond to your request in cases where you have too many clicks per second, so we advise careful use without overdoing it.

Great auto clicker, unfortunately only for Windows

This program only supports the Windows operating system, and that is the only thing we didn’t like. We are expecting a version intended for users of Linux and macOS operating systems. Until then, try Fast Mouse Clicker. We guarantee good fun.

Windows 7, 8 and 10



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