NotepadQQ – Notepad++ for Linux

NotepadQQ – Notepad++ for Linux

Notepad is a simple text editor for Windows that we are all familiar with. However, it does not offer enough options for any serious work. That’s why Notepad++ was born, an open source program that brings numerous advantages over its older brother, first and foremost are numerous programming options. The biggest drawback of Notepad++ is the fact that it is only available for Windows operating systems.

NotepadQQ is a free text editor available for every Linux distribution, which is intended primarily for developers and originated as Notepad++ for Linux.

How Does NotepadQQ Work?

Although NotepadQQ was created with the idea of ​​being Notepad++ for Linux, this program is more complex and advanced than the program that inspired its creation. Although you can use it as a simple text editor, that is not its primary purpose.

NotepadQQ is a code editor. It supports syntax highlighting for over 100 programming languages, which are listed in a separate menu, from where it’s easy to select the language you’re programming in. Also, the program supports numerous themes, which are mostly dark, because, according to the author, they are intended for programmers, so it is necessary to reduce eye strain, but also because they look cool, which we totally agree with.

NotepadQQ menu

What we liked the most is that NotepadQQ includes options to automatically perform certain actions when certain conditions are met. Thus, you can set the document you are working on to be saved every time a change is made, or you can set the automatic backup of files to a local server at time intervals that you set yourself.

NotepadQQ also supports the installation of plugins, which will add new features to this program. One plugin that comes already installed is the automatic calculation of mathematical formulas. Also, if you know how to program in NodeJS, you will be able to create your own plugin, and the creation process, according to users, is not that complicated.

NotepadQQ Is a Great Program but Is It Better Than Visual Studio Code?

NotepadQQ is a great program that will appeal to anyone who uses Visual Studio Code because it is similar in many ways. However, we think it will fail to win over these users because they are already used to Visual Studio Code, and NotepadQQ simply does not offer enough to make them change their favorite code editor. Still, we recommend you to try NotepadQQ because it is really an excellent program.




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