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How to Enable Battery Saver Mode in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is notorious for using a lot of computer resources, which means it consumes a lot of power while running. For desktop users, this is not such a big issue, but for laptop owners, battery life is extremely important. Recently, Google Chrome added an option to save battery, and we’ll show you how to […]Read More

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Battery charge alarm – free app for Android

From year to year, mobile phones are getting better. Whether it’s the bigger display, better camera, the larger amount of memory, or the general phone speed, we are witnessing constant progress. However, when we talk about the battery, this is not the case. Battery-making technology made the least progress compared to all other components of […]Read More


How to Display Battery Percentage on Android

The percentage of the remaining battery on an Android phone is probably the most important information on the screen. However, on some devices, only the battery icon is displayed without percentage. This is not the best because we can’t tell exactly how much battery is left. Watch our video in which we show you how […]Read More


How to Turn on Power Saving Mode on Android

When you do not have a charger or power outlet on hand, it is important to take care of the battery on your mobile phone or tablet. Newer versions of Android pay special attention to battery life and offer a Power Saving option. When you enable this option, background applications will be turned off and […]Read More


The best browser for PC in 2021

Web browsers are among the most used programs on our computers and as such, at least when we talk about the most well-known brands, they are all very good. However, there are differences. Speed, customization, and battery life are, in our opinion, the most important aspects of a browser. So we decided to compare browsers […]Read More