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How to Set up Windows 10 to Run Faster on Older Computers

If you have an older computer, you are probably facing the problem that your computer is no longer running as fast as it used to. There are many reasons why computers become slower over time, components get, programs become more demanding, accumulated programs slow down your computer, and viruses you picked up somewhere on the […]Read More


How to turn on or off Game Mode in Windows 10

Game Mode option in Windows 10 aims to improve computer performance when playing video games. This is accomplished by the fact that when you run a game, Windows detects it and allocates computer resources to the game instead of background programs. Also, all updates will be stopped as long as you are in the game. […]Read More


How to turn off animations in Windows 10 for better performance

If you have an older computer, which has difficulty running Windows 10, turning off the animations can significantly improve performance. Windows 10 offers a convenient solution in which you can set the system to the best performance and thus delay the purchase of a new computer, at least for a while. Check out our video […]Read More