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Markor – Simple and Advanced Notebook and Text Editor

Markor is a free text input and editing application. It is only available for the Android operating system. The app was created by Austrian developer Gregor Santner. Markor is based on the Markdown language. What is Markdown language used in the Markor application? Markdown is a simple and understandable text markup language that allows you […]Read More

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What is Gparted? GParted, short for GNOME Partition Editor, is the official GNOME application for managing disk partitions. (GNOME is an open-source desktop environment for Unix and similar operating systems, e.g., Linux). It’s a completely free program. GParted belongs to the group of programs that provide a comfortable graphical interface for commands that were once […]Read More


How to Remove Cell Formatting in Google Sheets

Formatting cells in Google Sheets is a handy way to highlight certain cells, and it can also help make the document look nicer. However, when someone sends you a Sheets document, sometimes you want to remove formatting from specific cells or the entire document. Watch our video tutorial where we show you how to remove […]Read More