Month: April 2021


How to change Bluetooth name on Android

When you turn on Bluetooth, other users identify your device using the Bluetooth name. By default, this name is the model of your smartphone. This can often be confusing, especially if there are other devices with the same model nearby. The name that Bluetooth displays can be changed and this is a very simple process. […]Read More

Video Software

GoPro Quik

GoPro is best known for its so-called action camera of the same name. This camera has been popularized by bikers, skaters, parachutists, and anyone involved in extreme sports. The reason for the worldwide popularity of this camera is the very high quality of the videos made in the extreme conditions in which these athletes used […]Read More


How to forward an SMS message on Android

If you want to forward a text message to someone on Android, you don’t have to type the message or use the copy/paste method. You can, instead, use the message forwarding function. The forwarding process may differ depending on the phone model and Android version. However, on all devices, the process is similar and very […]Read More

Digital Photo Software

Over – photo editor for beginners

Editing pictures has never been easier! We are witnessing the expansion of numerous programs and applications for this purpose. One of the main goals of the creators of these programs is to enable people who are not designers to create beautiful photos in the simplest possible way. Introducing Over – a free application for Android […]Read More


How to stop emails from Google Play Store on Android

Google sends users emails notifying them of news and “best” offers in the Play Store. These are essentially advertisements, which aim to draw you into the Play Store, where you will potentially spend money, from which Google takes 30%. Fortunately, there is an option to stop these emails. Watch our video where we show you […]Read More


How to turn off system sounds in Windows 10

System sounds in Windows 10 serve to give us notifications about things that are happening in the operating system and thus make it easier for us to use. In addition to sound notification, we always have visuals ones, so it is often the case that these sounds only annoy us. Watch our video where we […]Read More



Like it or not, social networks have become an indispensable part of modern society. It all started with MySpace, the first social network whose concept was very simple. When you create an account, you get your personal page on a website that you can edit in order to present yourself and your interests. You could […]Read More


How to turn off Program Compatibility Assistant in Windows 10

Windows 10 has phenomenal compatibility with older programs. This means that old programs run on this operating system without problems or errors. One of the tools that Windows 10 uses to accomplish this is the Program Compatibility Assistant. If you’re trying to install an incompatible program on Windows 10, this feature is great. The Program […]Read More