Month: July 2023


How to Make Epic Games Launcher Notify You About Free Games

Epic Games Launcher gives away one or more games absolutely free every Thursday. The games are available for a week, that is, until next Thursday, after which some other games become free. To make sure you don’t forget to claim your free games, it’s best to turn on the option that will notify you every […]Read More

Educational Software

Tango – The Fastest Way to Create a Tutorial

If you often need to explain one and the same thing to friends or colleagues, believe us that we sympathize with you. However, there is a simple solution, make a tutorial, and then when someone asks you for an explanation, just send them the tutorial, and the job is done. Tango is a free plugin […]Read More


How to Turn On Automatic Startup in Steam

If you play games on Steam every day, you probably want it to start automatically with your computer. This way, even if you don’t want to play a game right away, you’ll allow Steam to download and install all the updates so that when you want to play the game, it’s ready to go. Watch […]Read More


How to Change AnyDesk Language

The default user interface language in AnyDesk is English. However, you can change this in the settings, and at the time of writing, thirty languages are available. Watch our video tutorial where we show you how to change AnyDesk language, using Windows 10. Video Transcript: How to Change AnyDesk Language Click on the four horizontal […]Read More


How to Make Portmaster Block NSFW Content

Content that is not suitable for work or NSFW includes images and videos of violence, gambling, pornography, and the like. If you use a computer at work or have a child who uses a computer, you probably want to block this kind of content, just in case. Watch our video tutorial where we show you […]Read More