Aerial – Reserve Screen Space

Aerial – Reserve Screen Space

Many programs in Windows have the option to always have their window above all other windows, and even when this option is left out, there are programs that can give this functionality to any program. However, what if you want to specify a part of the screen that will never be covered by a window so that you can place widgets or other tools there?

Aerial is a free program for Windows 10 and 11 that will allow you to specify the part of the screen that no window or icon will be able to occupy.

How Does Aerial Work?

Aerial is a program that you can use as a regular program that you install on your computer and as a portable program that does not require installation, you just download and run it. This tool literally “reserves” space on the screen and thus makes it inaccessible to other programs.

Program windows and desktop icons cannot be placed in the “reserved” space. However, widgets that Windows contains or the ones you install can be placed in this space. That way, you can make room for the tools you need all the time and want to always have visible on the screen. This means that programs will not be able to be maximized in the usual way, but only up to the limits determined by Aerial.

Aerial also supports work in a multi-monitor environment, more precisely, you can “reserve” space on multiple screens at the same time and we really liked this option. The program does not contain a section with settings, and we believe that this section is not needed since all the necessary options are in the main and only menu.

Aerial menu

The main complaint we have is about the way you determine the “reserved” screen space, and this feature is more complicated than necessary. Instead of selecting a “reserved” area with the mouse, you must do it manually, by entering a numeric value in pixels to the left, right, up, and down from each edge of the screen.

The system itself is not that complicated once you understand how it works, but to accurately determine the area, you will have to experiment, as most of us cannot say by heart how much is, for example, 450 pixels. It would be much better to do this simply with the mouse.

Aerial Is an Unusual Program, Which Will Be Extremely Useful to Some

Apart from the objection we pointed out, we really liked Aerial. The function it performs is not for everyone, but it will be of great help to certain users. We did not encounter any problems or errors during use, so it gets our recommendation.

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