Dropshelf – A Shelf for Your Files and Folders

Dropshelf – A Shelf for Your Files and Folders

It happens to all of us sometimes that we reach for a file or folder and then spend a few minutes looking for where we put it. Of course, the easiest solution is to put all the most used files and folders on the desktop, where they are always easily accessible. However, the space here is limited and very quickly it comes to the point that we cannot find our way in the chaos.

Dropshelf is a free program for Windows 10 and 11 that will give you a quick and easy way to better organize your files and folders.

How Does Dropshelf Work?

Dropshelf is a program that will allow you to create one or more “shelves” that are always visible on the screen, on which you can place your files and folders. What is interesting and unusual about this type of program is that you will be able to put both text and URLs on the shelves too.

Dropshelf how a shelf looks

Using it is extremely simple. When you want to create a new shelf, you can do it with the help of a keyboard shortcut. However, there is another way. Namely, it is possible to mark what you want to add to the shelf, grab it with the mouse and shake the mouse, after which a new shelf will be automatically created and displayed.

Once you have added everything you want to have in a particular shelf, you can add one or more tags to each item. In this way, you can additionally arrange the shelf for easier navigation.

One thing that surprised us a bit is that if you want to open a file from the shelf, you can’t do it by double-clicking, but you have to right-click and then click on the Open.

There aren’t that many options in the settings. You’ll be able to change the shortcut you use to create a new shelf, as well as determine whether a mouse shake will create a new shelf, change the theme, the color of the shelves, the way items are arranged, and so on.

Dropshelf settings

Dropshelf Offers a Convenient Way to Better Organize Your PC

Dropshelf is a handy program that will allow you to better organize your computer. It’s extremely easy to use, and we like the quick way you can create and arrange shelves because we’ve found it’s great for temporary shelves that we use while we’re doing something and then delete it down when we’re done. During use, we did not encounter any problems or bugs, so Dropshelf gets our recommendation.

Windows 10 and 11



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