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How to create a desktop shortcut for a Steam game

Steam is the largest digital platform for selling and playing video games, and with good reason. Frequent sales, a program that works great, uncensored user reviews of games, and phenomenal support for mods are just some of the reasons. Most gamers have at least a few games in their Steam library. When we want to […]Read More

Desktop Enhancements

SideSlide – create additional desktop

We’ve already written about Linkbar and Biniware Run, programs which help us better organize our desktop. These two programs achieve this in very different ways. SideSlide is a free program for Windows 7, 8, and 10, which tries to solve the problem of overcrowded desktop in another way. Namely, SideSlide creates a new mini desktop […]Read More


Useful shortcuts to manage Internet browser tabs

Sometimes long ago, internet browsers did not have tabs, so if you wanted to open multiple web pages at the same time, you had to open a web browser multiple times. Fortunately, that changed a long time ago and we got tabs, all open internet pages nicely packed in one place at the top of […]Read More