How to convert text from the image to a text file in Windows 10

How to convert text from the image to a text file in Windows 10

When you scan a document, the file format you get is usually JPG or PNG, that is, you get an image. It is not possible to change the text with such files, so they are not very useful. In order to use scanned documents, it is necessary to convert them into a text document.

Probably the easiest way to convert text from an image to a text document that you can edit is to use an online converter. We have a large selection of free converters on the Internet, which mostly do the job. One that we particularly liked was OnlineOCR.

We chose OnlineOCR because there are few restrictions when using the service for free and the minimalist look of the interface, which makes it very easy to use. You don’t need to register, you can convert 15 images per hour, and except for a couple of ads located on the side, you will not be bombarded from all sides.

As we said, using OnlineOCR is very simple, and we have created a detailed tutorial in which we show you how to convert text from an image to a text file on Windows 10 using Google Chrome.

Video transcript:

  1. On type onlineocr
  2. Click on the first result obtained
  3. Click on Select file…
  4. Select the image, then click Open
  5. Select the text language from the image and in what format the file will be converted, then click CONVERT
  6. You can copy text from the site or download the file


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