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Do you enjoy decorating your home? Do you like to collect pictures of cute dogs, cats, and other animals? Are you looking forward to finding new recipes to try? With Pinterest, you can create different boards for each of these interests. Before Pinterest, you would most likely see an interesting recipe in a magazine, cut […]Read More

Entertainment Software

InkHunter – app for tattoo lovers

InkHunter, a free mobile application for Android and iOS, provides the possibility of testing tattoos before putting them on your skin. It is intended for everyone who wants to have fun, try something new, but also for those who plan to get a real tattoo. Characteristics InkHunter is an AR application (augmented reality), which means […]Read More


How to create a Christmas card in Canva

New Year’s and Christmas holidays are here, a time of celebration and joy. Due to the overall situation with Covid 19, this year’s celebration will be different than usual. Most of us will probably stay home and spend the holidays watching TV. Since we will not spend the holidays with friends and family, it is […]Read More

Digital Photo Software

Adobe Photoshop Camera for photo processing on Android and iOS

Adobe Photoshop Camera is a free photo processing application for Android and iOS users. This application is intended for people who process photos for personal use, without the knowledge of Photoshop. It is based on artificial intelligence called Sensei and can recognize objects in a picture, make recommendations, and automatically apply certain effects based on […]Read More

Digital Photo Software

Polish for easy image editing on Android

Polish is a great free image processing application, which contains a great selection of functionalities. The application is suitable for inexperienced users, who can easily navigate it. It has is a large selection of different options contained in classic photo-editors, but the creators made an effort to leave their personal stamp by adding stickers in […]Read More


How to use Google PhotoScan

The old photographs make us nostalgic for good old times. But with modern technology, they are the thing of the past. Still, it would be nice if we could have those photos on our electronic devices with us all the time. Google PhotoScan does just that. We show you how to use it in the […]Read More

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INK 1.6.4

If you are a web designer, you have undoubtedly used Photoshop, a powerful tool for all designers. Is just Photoshop enough to design a web page? Of course it’s not. Aldo, there are many plugins we will present to you INK Photoshop plugin. What is the INK plugin? INK is a plugin for Photoshop that […]Read More