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Internet Software

Zoom Image – Zooming Images in the Browser

When you search for images using Google or any other service or read an article on a website that contains images, you can open those images in a new tab and zoom them there. However, if you don’t want to keep opening the images in a new tab, you can enlarge them by zooming in […]Read More

Digital Photo Software

Image Eye – A Phenomenal Image Viewer

The image viewer that comes with Windows 10, Photos, is, to put it mildly, terribly bad. It is unstable, it works slowly, and the options it offers, although there are many, often do not work properly, and problems with this program can lead to problems with the entire operating system. For these reasons, many users […]Read More

Desktop Enhancements

Lightscreen – Take a Picture of Your Screen

Anyone who often needs to take a screenshot knows how time-consuming such a simple task can be. When you use the usual method for this, using the Print Screen button on the keyboard, you get a screenshot of your whole screen, which you then have to open in an image processing program, and if you […]Read More

Digital Photo Software

PicPick – Image Editing in the Office

Image editing programs, whether designed for professionals or beginners, try to give us the best possible way and as many tools to edit the image as we imagined. However, few of them are designed with the idea of ​​being used in office conditions, where efficiency is often more important than artistic expression. Introducing PicPick, a […]Read More

Digital Photo Software

MediBang Paint – Free Image Editing Program

There are many good image editing programs, and Photoshop is the most famous and popular in this category. However, Photoshop is a program that you have to pay for and there is no free version available. Fortunately, there are many free programs, similar to Photoshop, both in their functions and in the user interface. One […]Read More


How to Set an Image as a Background in a Word Document

Black letters on a white background in Microsoft Word are great for reading, but if you’re making a greeting card or just want to enhance the look of a document, a great option is to use an image as a background. One thing to keep in mind is that adding a background image to a […]Read More


How to Change the Profile Picture on Discord

The Discord profile picture is a public face that we show to the community. A good picture can say a lot about a person, and if you have a picture that you don’t like, you can easily change it. Before we move on to the tutorial, you should keep in mind a few rules when […]Read More



Do you enjoy decorating your home? Do you like to collect pictures of cute dogs, cats, and other animals? Are you looking forward to finding new recipes to try? With Pinterest, you can create different boards for each of these interests. Before Pinterest, you would most likely see an interesting recipe in a magazine, cut […]Read More