LinkedIn Learning – Huge Number of Free and Paid Courses

LinkedIn Learning – Huge Number of Free and Paid Courses

LinkedIn Learning is a free app that contains a huge number of free and paid courses and is available for Android, iOS, and through the website. In this review, we’ll focus on the Android version, but everything we’re going to say applies to other platforms as well.

How Does LinkedIn Learning Work?

Some time ago, LinkedIn bought the website, which focused on free and paid learning courses, and now the content of the website has been made into an application. When you install LinkedIn Learning, the first thing you need to do is log in. The same account used to access the LinkedIn website is used for logging in, and if you do not have this account, you will need to create one. You can do all of this from both the LinkedIn website and the LinkedIn Learning app.

LinkedIn Learning menu

When you log in, you will get access to a database of over 16,000 courses divided by category. If you have edited your account on LinkedIn, that is, added the areas you are interested in and work in, you will automatically receive course proposals from those areas.

The courses are in video format, and it is possible to choose the option to play only the sound, without the video, which is great if you just listen to the lecture and want to save on mobile internet. In addition, all courses are downloadable, so you always have access to them, regardless of whether you have internet or not.

When you find the course you want, it is possible to save it to the Wishlist. In this section, it is possible to create categories in which you add courses yourself, which helps to find your way around more easily. When you start watching or listening to a course, if you stop at any point during the course, it will remember where you left off, so when you want to continue, you won’t have to search.

Also, the courses contain a question and answer section, as well as exercises and files that are potentially relevant to the course. Whether and how these options are used depends on the author of the course, so it is also great that users can leave a rating that will help you know if the course is good or not, especially if the course is paid.

LinkedIn Learning topics

LinkedIn Learning Is a Great App, but How Useful It Will Be Depends on the Courses Themselves

As for the quality of the application itself, we have no complaints. Everything works perfectly, and it has great features for mobile use. How much it will benefit you depends on the courses themselves, of which there are really many, but whether it will serve you better than some other learning platform, you have to judge for yourself.

Android, iOS, and website

In the download link, we have provided the LinkedIn Learning version for Android, if you want to download the iOS version, click HERE.

To visit the LinkedIn Learning website, click HERE.



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