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RightInbox – upgraded Gmail

Whatever opinion you have about Google as a company, and ours is not so good, the fact is, some of their products are of very high quality. Gmail is one such product. It works great, and the options it has will easily satisfy most users’ needs. Even better is the fact that if you need […]Read More


How to import contacts to Gmail on Windows 10 and Android

When using email services, careful contact management has always been one of the most important tasks. If all important contact information is stored and available, sending private or professional emails is nothing more than a mere formality. In addition to the ability to manually add contacts, most email services have a function to import contacts. […]Read More


How to change your display name in Gmail on Windows 10

When you send an email from your Gmail account, your name along with other information will be displayed to the recipient. The name displayed in your emails may not be the one you want to use. Fortunately, this is easy to change. The only condition is that you have to do this in a web […]Read More