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How to Turn off Microsoft Edge’s Leaked Password Warnings

When Microsoft Edge detects that a password leak has occurred on a website that you have an account on, it notifies you with a popup alert. Such warnings should not be ignored. You should immediately go to the website where the leak has occurred and change the password. Also, if the same password was used […]Read More


How to export saved passwords from Google Chrome

Google Chrome has a built-in password manager, but it’s not the most secure. That’s why we recommend that you use Bitwarden, which is probably the best free password manager out there. See our Bitwarden complete guide for Windows and Bitwarden complete guide for Android to learn how to use Bitwarden. If you’ve used Chrome Password […]Read More


Bitwarden for Android – a complete guide

We recently published a complete guide for Bitwarden on Windows 10. In that tutorial and this one, we paid particular attention to the fact that you must not lose your password. If this happens, there is no way to get it back, and your account will be lost, along with all the login information stored […]Read More


LastPass will no longer be the best free password manager

We are big proponents of using a password manager, and we have repeatedly listed LastPass as the best free option. Starting on March 16, 2021, this will no longer be the case. In fact, after this date, LastPass will probably become the worst free password manager. Until now, users of the free version of LastPass […]Read More


How to change your password on Windows 10

Microsoft’s Windows operating system is by far the most used in the world, with close to 85% of all computers using it. Today, Windows is considered an extremely safe and secure operating system. However, using a password as additional protection is recommended, especially if you are not the only one using the computer. Changing your […]Read More


LastPass for Android – a complete guide

We’ve already made a guide for Windows so it’s time to make a guide for Android as well. To remind you, LastPass is a free cloud service for storing login data and data for filling out various types of forms online. The main reason why you should use it is that it automatically fills this […]Read More