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CardZap – Digital Business Cards

In the digital world, all the things we used to have in physical form are going digital, including business cards. Instead of printing business cards and handing them out by hand, it would be so much better if we could do all this from the comfort of our homes and from our smartphones. The app […]Read More


How to Save and View a Saved Post on Instagram for Android

If you come across an interesting or educational post on Instagram and want to save that post, you can easily do so. Instagram has a section where you can find all the posts you’ve saved, which you can access from your profile. Watch our video tutorial where we show you how to save and view […]Read More


How to Turn On Memory Saver in Google Chrome

Most people know that Google Chrome consumes a lot of RAM while running, much more than other browsers, and this is a particular problem if you have an older PC. One solution is to turn on the Memory Saver option. When you turn on this option, Chrome will suspend tabs that you are not using, […]Read More


How to Save an Image From Microsoft Word

If someone has sent you a Word document containing an image that you want to download and save to your computer, the good news is that it is possible to do this. When you save an image, you’ll even be able to choose the format in which the image will be saved. Watch our video […]Read More


How to Stop Gmail From Automatically Saving New Contacts

When you send or receive a message from a new email address in Gmail, that email will be saved as a contact, and you can find these contacts at contacts.google.com. If you don’t want every new email to be saved automatically, the good news is that this can be turned off. Watch our video where […]Read More

Productivity Software

Pinterest Save Button

We recently wrote about Pinterest, a social network dedicated to creative people to find inspiration and new interests. We praised it, and we especially pointed out the very interesting function of this social network, its kind and friendly users, and functionalities that are at the highest level. Today we present you a very useful add-on […]Read More