Top 3 Best Free Programs for Listening to Music

Top 3 Best Free Programs for Listening to Music

Finding free music to listen to has never been easier. Buying CDs or DVDs is a thing of the past, and there has never been less piracy. This is due to free programs for listening to music, which we have more and more every day.

Free programs for listening to music work by providing us with free music at the price of ads and some other restrictions. In the sea of ​​such programs, it is difficult to find the best, and we have tried the most popular ones and made the list of top 3, in our opinion, the best free programs for listening to music.



Pandora is a free program for listening to music available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It’s pretty easy to use. Enter the name of the musician or a band and Pandora will play the music of that and similar artists.

While listening to a song, you can leave Like or Dislike, and depending on your rating, you will get more or less similar songs in the future. In this way, the program learns what your musical taste is and creates your playlists based on it. You can also bookmark the artists you like to make them easier to find later.

The user interface is nice and modern, and the navigation is very simple. When listening to music it is best to be connected to Wi-Fi, as then there will be no interruptions due to buffering. Also, to use the program, it is necessary to create a free account. The free version of the program has a limited number of songs per day that you can skip, and there are also commercials.

Pandora is quite a solid program for listening to music, and the algorithm that learns your musical taste is great. The limitations that are present in the free version are, unfortunately, its biggest problem. We can come to terms with commercials, but the fact that we have to listen to songs we don’t like because we can’t skip them is too much in our opinion. Unfortunately, this is a very popular way for developers to make you pay and we’ve seen it often in these types of programs.

Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS

Download Pandora for Windows and macOS.
Download Pandora for Android.
Download Pandora for iOS.



Spotify is a great free program for listening to music available for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS. You can search for music by artist, song, or album name, as well as by categories such as top lists or new releases. You can follow artists and other users and receive notifications about their activity.

The great thing about Spotify is the option for users to create an unlimited number of playlists and then share them with other users. Because of this, you can find playlists containing songs of all possible genres and for any occasion.

Spotify is easy to use, and the user interface is nice and clean. As with Pandora, you have to create a free account to use the app and it works best when you are connected to Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, the restrictions are also similar. Namely, it is possible to skip six songs every hour, and between songs, the program will play ads. If you want to listen to Spotify without ads, see how.

Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS

Download Spotify for Windows and macOS.
Spotify for Linux installation guide.
Download Spotify for Android.
Download Spotify for iOS.



SoundCloud is a free app for listening to music available for Android and iOS, and you can access it on your computer via the website. It contains fewer songs than the previous two programs we’ve written about and doesn’t just focus on just popular music.

What sets SoundCloud apart is the option that literally anyone can put their music on the platform and that everyone can hear that music. Because of this, SoundCloud is a platform for new and upcoming artists, and it is estimated that about ten hours of new music is uploaded every minute.

It contains all the expected options such as searching by type of music and artists, following your favorite artists, and making playlists. An option we particularly liked was the ability for artists to allow their songs to be downloaded, so in this case, you can download songs like this for free.

The user interface is modern and clean, but we didn’t like it visually. We are aware that this is personal taste, and the design of all the programs we have written about is similar, so we do not take this as a minus. Free users will have to listen to ads between songs, but skipping songs is possible without restrictions, which we especially liked.

We liked SoundCloud the most, but there is one problem. Most of the songs are works of independent artists, and there is a huge number of great songs, but when it comes to popular songs, it often happened to us that we could not find the song we were looking for, even among very famous songs. Depending on your musical taste, this can be a big problem or a big advantage of the app.

Android and iOS

SoundCloud website.
Download SoundCloud for Android.
Download SoundCloud for iOS.



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