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Entertainment Software

4 Best Free Android Fashion Apps

Fashion apps generally fall into the category of online stores specializing in clothing or jewelry. Honestly, there are many such applications and they are all more or less all the same. When you see one online store, you have seen them all. The main difference is in the offer and prices. For this reason, we […]Read More


Top 3 Best Free Online Collectible Card Games (CCG)

Collectible Card Games (CCG) are more popular today than ever. The game that created this format back in 1993 is Magic: The Gathering and many similar games have emerged since then. The concept is simple. Players buy packs of cards, similar to the ones we see in sticker cards. Each card contains certain abilities that […]Read More

Utilities & Operating Systems

Top 3 Best Free Android and iOS Weather Apps

Smartphones have long since taken on the role of many office and other devices. Who still uses a calculator, flashlight, or camera? Although mobile phones replace dozens of other devices, the real power of these handheld computers is in the quick and easy availability of information. Weather forecast applications fall into this category. Reliable application […]Read More

Educational Software

Top 4 Best Free Android and iOS Translation Apps

Technology for translating text to foreign languages using a computer has advanced at an impressive rate in recent years. It is often impossible to know with certainty whether something was translated by a person or a program, and no matter how scary this may sound, it is a good thing. The translation apps are probably […]Read More

Home Software

3 Best Free Interior Design Programs for Beginners

Designing the interior of an apartment or house can be inconvenient. It is difficult to imagine the end result, and even more difficult to explain exactly what you want to the architect. Fortunately, there are many interior design programs that can help us with this. The problem with programs like this is that they are […]Read More